Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bar None: Perimeter, Area and Volume

                              Third Grade began a unit on perimeter, area and volume on Monday.
                                        They used cubic units to understand all three measurements.

                                                    Working in groups is always fun.

                                                   Measuring length, width and height.

                                                       Weights:  Ounces and Grams

                                                     Graphing the tallies of certain candy bars.

          Working on a TV commercial, a poem, song or story to go along with our Bar None Project.
It's crunchy as can be
It's chocolate taste can make you chase the other bars away, hey!
Its crispy taste can make you haste for another one, horay, hey!
by Adriana, Andrew, Sarina & Johanna

What's Johanna on a finger?  ('Butter'finger)
What burst in space?   (Starburst)
What's a cat's name?    (KitKat)
What bar do humans get for cats?   (KitKat)
What football player is named after a candy bar?  (Keith (Heath Bar) Miller)
What canyon is made of half a bar?  (Grand Canyon)
by Adriana, Andrew, Sarina & Johanna

                                                              Hershey's chocolate is so fine
                                                                I wanna eat it every time

                                                              Hershey's chocolate is so fine
                                                                I wanna eat it every time

                                                       So lets crunch and munch and celebrate
                                                         cause Hershey's chocolate is so great.
                                                                               Come on!
                                                                by Emily, Jemeah, Keion & Desiree

                                                         Hershey's chocolicious and great,
                                                     so let's crunch and munch and celebrate!
                                                         Brown and rich and chocolaty too,
                                                           it's a candy good for you, hey!
                                                        by Emily, Jemeah, Keion & Desiree

                                                   Who saves the country?    (3 Musketeers)
                                                     What maybe in the bank?    (100 Grand)
                                               What people made the Grand Canyon?  (3 Musketeers)
                                                I'll give you a hint, It's a galaxy?  (Milky Way)
                                      What candy do you have to keep in place?  (Rolo)

                                                       by Emily, Jemeah, Keion & Desiree

Everyone went to Mars to see the Starburst.
Then the people got stuck in the Milky Way, and Babe Ruth saved them.
Then 3 Musketeers came and brought them to Earth after the Starburst show.
by Drew, Olivia & Ben

Hey, Kids!
Would you like to try a delicious Hershey's bar?
It is sweet and chocolaty and tastes of heaven.
With its chocolaty taste of goodness, you will love these Hershey bars,
and want to eat them all day long!
by Olivia, Ben & Drew

What does a star do when he gets to full?  (Starburst)
What happens when candies laugh?  (Snickers)
What's a bar that's a planet?  (Mars)
                                                           by Olivia, Ben & Drew

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finger Prints and Skin

Third grade has been working on Finger Prints & Skin for Science.
The students learned about different patterns of prints and how to identify them.
They were involved in a mystery of stolen goods from a safe and discovered the 
suspect due to prints left behind.  Another activity was checking out different substances that either absorb into the skin, evaporate and stay on the surface.

Field Day

       The Olympic Rings: Representing the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia
                                 Students are wearing the colors of the Olympic Rings.
                                                                 Let the games begin!
                                                           Team work is essential.
                       Students participated in Basketball, Frisbee Golf, Monopoly, Relay and Rings.